Eco Warriors Schools Project:

I am a third year Primary Education student at the Lancaster campus. I joined the Eco Warriors Schools Project whilst I was in my second year. I was interested in the project due to the opportunity of gaining further experiences working with children and the hands-on aspect of doing creative and active eco-based activities. The project primarily works with Bowerham Primary School which makes it easily accessible for student volunteers to help out. This year, I and three other volunteers had the opportunity to take over as Project Leaders. This meant that we were more involved in the running of the project. For example, we had our own stall at Fresher’s Fair and recruited our own volunteers. We also met up with teachers at the school, ran the initial sessions with volunteers and followed up with meetings to plan the activities. We were also part of doing the boring stuff, such as risk assessments and gathering DBS checks. Working with the project has been an all-round great experience in which there are definitely a range of skills that I can bring forward to future job applications.

Eco Christmas Picture (2)

To give an idea of some of the things we do, examples of our activities in schools include:

Sewing a blanket using old t-shirts

Making eco-friendly Christmas crafts  – painting acorn-baubles and making Christmas bookmarks using paper made out of elephant poo!

Making our own snake draught excluders

Making elephants using milk bottles

Outdoor treasure hunt and treasure trail

Making bug houses

We have also created our own Facebook page, which can be found at and email account ( for students to contact. Further information about the project can also be found on our online platform that we have set up. The link for this is

The project is a fantastic opportunity for any students looking to find experiences with children or supporting sustainability – you never know, you might also get to be a Project Leader! I wish the project all the best in the future and hope future volunteers will have as much fun as I have.

Ann x