Wetheriggs Zoo and Animal Sanctuary – Project Day (By Louise Groom)

On 19th April 2013 myself and a number of other volunteers volunteered at Wetheriggs Zoo & Animal Sanctuary for a project day with the University of Cumbria. Wetheriggs is a family run animal rescue centre and zoo situated in Clifton Dykes, near Penrith at the old Wetheriggs Pottery site.

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Wetheriggs is in their 7th year of animal rescue and currently has about 1500 animals. 70% are rescues and 30% are conservation. 15 species are category A listed at Wetheriggs. Wetheriggs also do a lot with the rare breeds survival trust.

Once arriving at the centre we was spilt into groups which were then rotated at points during the day. Jobs that were carried out were; gravelling the car park, this involved a good pair of muscles and hard work. Though the satisfaction of seeing how far the car park had come in a day was worth it!. Other jobs included; feeding and watering the animals, taking the fox for a walk, bottle feeding lambs, feeding meerkats, haying along with many others. Some of us even held a tarantula or had a snake round our necks!


The day was enjoyed by all and had a very relaxed atmosphere, a lot was also learned by the kind and knowledgeable staff members.

Heres what a few volunteers had to say about the day;

“A really valuable and enjoyable experience.  Would love to do it again” – Katie-May Garratt

“Lovely day for being out helping lots of animals. The staff were amazing!” – Sian Cowan

“It was great to see what they do on a daily basis for the animals” – Katie Halsall.