Diggin the Trees

On a cold but relatively dry day in December 2012 we joined a local tree planting group, Diggin the Trees, for a day of planting trees near Mell Fell Croft Head Farm near Dacre. When the floods were really bad in Cumbria a few years ago a lot of trees were destroyed and the group plants trees all over the north of the county to repair the damage and to improve the environment.

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During the day, with help from UCSU volunteers and local groups such as Sustainable Carlisle, we planted around 600 trees. To keep our energy high throughout the day, a  local farmer brought along a trailer for us to sit and have lunch and a selection of homemade foods from his wife, including Hearty pasta and tomato /med veg sauce with home made bread, not to mention home made cakes made by Helen.

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We asked students what they felt they had learnt and what skills they had developed by taking part in the project day….

“Planting trees and teamwork”.

“Team building skills, communication, planting, digging and tubing.”

“How to plant trees and what conditions fit best”.

“Team work and learnt about trees to improve environment, I also met new friends”.

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